AEGIS Technologies & Innovation

Clinician & Patient Portal

International network for Clinicians, Researchers, Academics, Teaching Hospitals, Medical Universities to patient data annonymization, creating integrated analytical data.  

Clinical Studies Availability

A hive for researchers to connect to patients interested in International clinical case study participation.  

Real time Analytics built on Blockchain Technologies

Real time data analytics for Patients,Clinicians, Researchers,automatic data interfaces, actionable insights, largest data sets with simplest ease of use. 

Clinical Consulting Exchange

Clinicians opportunity to offer patient services and consulting Internationally to patients, introducing top physicians integrating patients to Cannabis Science and Research. 

IRB Data

SUNESiS platform is a cloud based system and mobile app makes data collection as mobile as you are, making data available anytime and anywhere.  Both the Android and iOS apps can be used by patients for self reporting. Making clinical research simple for any participant. Strict governance and standardization implemented in every process. 

Strategic Partnership