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Canna Healthcare Magazine (Digital & Print)

Education & Awareness

First online interactive multidisciplinary approach to Medical Cannabinoid Medicine & Research designed for those in the Clinical setting.

Medical Tech Innovations

Latest Research and Medical Innovation in digital health on blockchain technologies.  

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CannaHealthcare Magazine

Regular columns with Physicians, Researchers in the field of study in the Medical and Clinical Cannabis community. 

Latest Medical News

Health news on everything from Cancer to nutrition, updates on regulations and standardizations within the industry.

Current International Research Studies

In the palm of your hand connect to the latest in research and clinical studies. 

Educating with the current clinical product development, research internationally. 

AEGIS MEDIA introducing Video podcast "CannaHealth with Amy"

A podcast about the future of integrated healthcare SCIENCE, RESEARCH, and TECHNOLOGY introducing Clinical Cannabinoid studies and Blockchain Technologies   advancing Global health.  

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Aegis Media delivers the first digital multidisciplinary approach to Medical and Clinical Cannabis, changing culture with the science Research and education.   Aegis Media delivers in 2018 both Radio and Television Globally.