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Global Sourcing & Procurement

Aegis Consulting

Partnered with Top licensed and permitted manufacturers, we support Product Strategy/Integration, Production, fulfillment Logistics Costing) We work with only the best in the industry and ensure to deliver safe, effective and consistent formulations adding integrity to the market.  

Our global relationships give you the opportunity to turnkey projects saving time and money with a speed to market strategy utilizing our pipeline of resources and partners.

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Business Strategy

Business Strategies

We review and analyze intel, to develop a structured path for strategic business success and product placement.  We perform market research enabling efficient and intelligent decisions that compliment  your company's mission, vision, and goals. 

We help integrate your business into every entry point, making strategic partnership introductions to expand your business in Healthcare, Technology and or Business.

Research & Development

Aegis Evolutionary R&D

Fast-Track R&D 60-90 Days to market

R&D Product development

Program management

Compliance & Regulatory Affairs 

Development Strategy 

Strategic Integrative niche opportunities

Contract Research Services for Alternative and Traditional Healthcare. 

Natural, Medicinal & Clinical Chemistry

Scale Up Processes, Chemistry Formulation Development (White label, or custom brand integration)

Analytical methods (Cellular/Molecular/Metabalomics/ Biology, Pharmacology, Bio-analytics, Toxicology 

Blockchain Technologies

Our technology bridges alternative and traditional healthcare to the largest data collection of current research and future clinical studies anticipated by 2021.

We specialize in evaluating your business, your needs, and research solutions to solve critical business pain points. Our solutions are designed to support efficient process and business startup growth or expansion. 

Sales & Marketing & Media

We help develop concepts to market that are niche opportunities.  We offer a wide range of premium media products and compelling content across media channels as diverse as Video, Mobile, Digital, Audio, and Print, with core media offerings that appeal to our global Medical & Clinical audiences, and to those in Healthcare technology those ancillary to it.  Not only do we create content and operate media platforms with direct consumer impact, we also offer a vast range of targeted business opportunities for partnerships with other companies, media partners and affiliates. These include content distribution and licensing, brand partnerships, and advertising in our media. Aegis Media is connecting Education and awareness to merging Alternative and Traditional Healthcare Markets. We deliver a multidisciplinary approach to both Medical and Clinical Research integrating alternative and traditional treatment options.

Advisory & Thought Leadership

Thought leadership has led to 41%  of C-Suite Executives including a company in a business opportunity where it was not previously considered.

Nearly half of business decision makers said thought leadership has directly led them to award business to a company.

Close to 50% of decision makers feel thought leadership has aided companies to command a premium for their products and services. 

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