About Us

Aegis Consulting S&P

Clinical Research & Nutraceutical Formulations - Aegis Labs - focused research in Pediatric Neuro studies ie: DIPG, PTSD, CTE, ALS, MS along with Opiate abuse studies. Consultations with Full Service CRO Team available!

Aegis Bio-Technologies

Aegis Bio-Technologies delivers a futuristic precision medicine approach to mHealth innovation customization of healthcare, with medical decisions, practices, or products being tailored to the individual Patient and Provider on Blockchain technologies with largest data analytics of Medical & Clinical data to augment to plan, anticipate and forecast future medical formulations. 

Aegis Media House

Aegis Media House offers a wide range of premium media products and compelling content across media channels as diverse as Video, Mobile, Digital, Audio, and Print, with core media offerings that appeal to our global Clinical audience, and those ancillary to it.

Meet our Team

Amy Berliner-Founder & CEO

Dr. Adam D. Richardson Phd - Chief Scientific Officer

John Craig - Chief Technology Officer

Valery Sepulveda - Director of Marketing

Andrew Kravig - Executive Assistant

KORA- Aegis Mascot